Complex PCBs

Complex PCBs


Located in the hotbed of aircraft and space craft innovation Southern California is a great fit for Qflex. Qflex has helped NASA, JPL, Boeing , SpaceX, Lockheed Martin etc create some of the most complex flexible pcbs ever made.
Typical flex pcbs contain one or two conductive layers. Lockheed Martin came to us with a complex project. We pushed the technology to its limits and created a custom 76 layer flex pcb.

Ultra Complex PCBs.

To create these Ultra complex PCBs, Qflex uses its proprietary tools including a stress free autoclave based isostatic vacuum for lamination. With Co2 and UV lasers on site, Qflex can create very complex PCBs with a metal core and complex shapes with very fine lines and micro-vias. (3 mil lines with 3 mil spaces, 4 mil micro vias, blind-vias the possibilities are endless).

Case Study: Northrup Gruman

Due to the complex wiring in aircrafts, trouble shooting an easily become a nightmare and result in potential failures. Qflex as a part of the SBIR & STTR programs managed by the United States Air force, worked on several projects to simplify complex wiring structures and replace them with safer, low cost flexible circuits. Take a look at the complex wiring contraption that got replaced with custom shielded connectors designed by QFlex. The metal box is replaced by carbon fiber composite. The result was a great reduction in weight and the device’s reliability increased tremendously.